Blueprint To Securing First Night Lays

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Blueprint To Securing First Night Lays

Are you tired of hitting a roadblock when it comes to getting toue date back home for the nightcap? Do you consider yourself a decent at dating, but find yourself struggling to take things to the next level? If you're a guy who has no problem getting dates and feels comfortable in the dating scene but needs that extra push to seal the deal, then this blueprint is tailor-made for you!

This 20 page guide will walk you through:

Day Zero - Prepare for Success

Before you event go on the date, you need to have all your ducks in a row. You can afford to make it to the end of the date and miss these steps

The Venue -

Picking the right venue is important. This is a make or break area.

Building Comfort -

Most men completely fail here and even if you have had success, you are 100 percent missing this piece of the puzzle for consistency

Moving to Your Place - Smooth Transition!

Transitioning from the date venue is often the hardest part. You can't spring going back to your place on someone. You need to have a method to the madness

Seal the Deal - The Nightcap

If you made the transition back to your place - there's still a high chance of failure. T

If you're ready to transform your dating life and become the guy who seals the deal consistently? Continue on

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Last updated Jan 30, 2024

Blueprint To Securing First Night Lays: A Comprehensive Guide to Structuring Your Dates for Maximum Efficiency


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Blueprint To Securing First Night Lays

11 ratings